So I very much have nothing to do for the next few hours. I'm sitting in a restaurant in Baler waiting to get on the first bus north to Dilasag, then to Palanan. I didn't feel like paying for another room since I'd have to vacate at the ripe hour of 4:30am, so I planned on just pitching my tent on the beach.

Now this is what I love about the Philippines: The lady from the restaurant asked me what I was doing with my bag and where I was heading, and where I was staying. I told her about camping and she said I should just stay in the restaurant and arrange the chairs in a nice way to sleep on. Now this would never ever happen in the US. It's so nice here that people aren't too concerned about rules and whatnot and treat people like humans. I love the Philippines for this.

I really feel like I could do just about anything here; a lot of stuff I couldn't in the US. I was just talking about this with a guy from Australia here. If you want to drive that guy's tricycle, he'll probably say it's cool. If you'd like to rent a boat and go bait for sharks, yeah that's alright too. Can I get on the roof? Yeah if you want to! Can you boil this bag of raw peanuts in your restaurant because I bought them thinking they were cooked? Sure give me 30 mintues (well they actually turned out pretty crappy but that's not the point). These are all real things that have happened to me here! it's awesome. I feel like I almost never get turned down when I ask someone to do/for something! This is a place built for adventure. It's like a happy version of the Wild West. Thank you Philippines.

Oh yeah the name of the place where I'm sleeping under the table tonight is Bayler View Hotel. They've also got an outstanding coffee banana shake. They're alright by me!