Twin Falls

We woke up this morning and ambled out of the house around 11. We picked up Kaika and headed North East, towards Twin Falls. Twin Falls is a series of freshwater pools with waterfalls you can jump off of. It’s a pretty popular spot here, but we managed to find a spot that wasn’t too crowded. The jump was pretty high. Not the highest I’ve done, but definitely a bit sketchy because of some rocks at the bottom!

It’s a bit hard to see but I’m in the air in this picture and Kaika is standing where you jump from.

Kaika works on a tour boat in Kaua’i. Apparently there’s a lot of free time, so he gets to jump off of high things a lot. He’s really brave in the air. He jack-knifed in this picture, but the first one he did a suicide off of. He’s crazy.

We stayed at the pools for only a short while. One of the things that made this trip memorable was the music. Some guy wearing a Lamb of God (death metal band) shirt and swiggin’ a Coors showed up with his boom box and proceeded to play Johnny Cash at top volume. The music was a complete contrast to the situation. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Cash, but it was just really strange to hear it out there. I’ve been finding myself in this situation a lot here on this trip. One of the things that’s been really trippin’ me out here on Maui is the popularity of pop country music. I thought I had escaped it when I left the deep south, but I seem to have fled to its breeding ground. People here are about as country as it gets. Big, lifted trucks, blaring country music, outnumber cars by far. It’s just interesting because instead of a Salt Life or Remington sticker, they have Maui Built stickers, or Aina Pride stickers. Instead of the guy stepping out donning cowboy boots and jeans, the fella has a tank top, board shorts, and tribal tattoos. Instead of a diamond plate tool box in the bed, they’ve got board racks and hog cages. I am constantly amused by all this.

But I digress. We got some mean food (grindz as they say here) at Da Kitchen and then met up with some other team leaders for some drinks. It was a great day and night! But man am I still exhausted!